Rosamaly Guesthouse

 "Home from home by the sea"

Bed and breakfast Hunstanton Norfolk UK

Wifi at Rosamaly


 At Rosamaly BT openzone internet access is available. BT Broadband customers can have free access to the internet by logging in to their personal account so please make sure you know your user name & password to loggin. Non BT customers can purchase internet access by login in to the openzone home page.

How much does it

cost to join BT FON?

BT Total Broadband customers can join BT FON for free and get unlimited minutes in hotspots across the UK.

If you're not a BT Total Broadband customer, you can become a member of the BT FON community by buying a Fonera+ router. Find out more at

If you're not a member of BT FON you can buy a voucher to access the internet from a BT FON hotspot in advance by going to When you're out and about and want to connect, simply scan for Wi-Fi signals. If you're in range of a hotpot and attempt to connect you'll be directed to the BT FON landing page, where you can buy BT FON passes from as little as £3.





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